Finding the right mattress for a trundle bed can be very tedious at times. It has to be of the desired height and measurements which can easily fit in its space. Even a tiny mismatch in the size of the mattress makes it unusable. It has to be light weight as a trundle bed is not fixed and has to be shifted everyday before it is used.

Ideal type of a mattress that can go on a trundle bed should be flat and not too bulgy so that it can easily slip into its space. It should be light weight so that it is easy to draw and push regularly. It should not have too much height as it has to leave some passage for ventilation. The mattress should be durable which can be used on a regular basis. 

Our top picks for this category

Gel Infused, foam, bamboo charcoal fill-ing – Lucid 6 Inch Gel In-fused Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)
Gel Infused, foam filling – Linenspa 5 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)
Multilayer, foam filling, gel layer – Olee Sleep 6 Inch Ventilated Multi-layered Memory Foam Mattress (Twin)
Gel Infused, Memory Foam – SleepLace 5 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Matress (Twin)
Plush, gel foam, con-voluted foam – PrimaSleep 7 Inch Memory Foam Mattress, I Gel (Twin)
Plush, memory foam, gel foam , 8 inch , orthopedic type – Continental Sleep Orthopedic Twin Mattress

The Lucid Gel Infused Foam Mattress – Twin mattress for trundle bed

memory foam contour pillow

The Nature Lover

    Why We Like it

  • Soft, light weight and easy to maintain.
  • Naturally drying and hypoallergenic.
  • Cooling and Pressure relieving.
  • Memory Foam base which is more durable and advisable for furniture.

The mattress comes in a convenient size which can easily fit into a trundle bed. The mattress dissipates heat, comes with no odour, has a cooling effect on the body, is soft but firm. Overall it allows you to sleep without tossing or turning and waking up refreshed without any aches. The memory foam also known as visco elastic has the tendency to retain its shape despite applying pressure and weight which makes the mattress durable. The bamboo infusion makes it a good absorbent and keeps the mattress dry and fresh. It is naturally drying and hypoallergenic. It is completely safe and generally softer and more comfortable to use.

LinenSpa 5 inch Memory Foam

memory foam contour pillow

The Early Riser

    Why We Like it

  • It is not that heavy on the pocket.
  • Light weight.
  • Ideal size.
  • Amazon’s choice

This mattress is also ranked as the Amazon’s choice as it is hassle free, cheap and convenient to maintain. It is light weight. It has a simple memory foam filling, gel infused top layer and a soft, comfortable protective cover. It is suitable for a trundle bed which is not used throughout the day like the normal ones hence the mattress gets enough time to regain its shape throughout the day.

Olee Sleep MultiLayered Foam Mattress

memory foam contour pillow

The Light Sleeper’s

    The Nature Lover

  • Even in a trundle bed, we sometimes like to have an extra inch and softness for more comfort. Especially in the case of light sleepers.
  • Foam mattresses are softer and generally sinks when you sleep on it, the dura layer helps the mattress to keep its shape. The extra inch of foam also helps while sleeping by providing enough depth.

The mattress is multilayered in which the top layer is infused with gel. In this layer the foam is infused with gel micro beads which mould according to the shape of your body. It disperses the body heat which is accumulated on the mattresses and keeps the surface cool. It has a layer of Dura HD (High Density) foam.

SleepLace 5 inch

memory foam contour pillow

The deep sleeper’s

    The Nature Lover

  • It is pocket friendly
  • Convenient to store.
  • Can be used easily for a trundle bed.

This type is similar to the LinenSpa 5 Inch but is pricier by $10. This is also a good pick for a trundle bed. It is minimal, comfortable, hassle free, convenient and cheap. It also comes with a 10 year warranty.

PrimaSleep 7 inch – Twin mattress for trundle bed

memory foam contour pillow

The ideal sleeper

    The Nature Lover

  • Ideal height and can be used if you have enough bed space.
  • Memory foam, convoluted foam for ventilation and gel foam.
  • Comfortable and firm. Provides support and great for enhancing sleep.

This product is recommended only if you have enough bed space to accommodate this mattress. It is a great pick with 3 different layers , the gel foam, memory foam and convoluted foam. It is comfortable, affordable and convenient. It comes with a protective cover.

The Orthopedic twin mattress for trundle bed Continental Sleep 8 inch

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like It?

    The Nature Lover

  • Memory foam.
  • Beneficial for people with back and neck problems.

These are some of our favourite picks for trundle bed mattresses. To know more about foam and spring mattresses read below to get an insight into the difference between a foam and a spring mattress.


 What is memory foam ?

Memory foam is also known as Visco Elastic. It is a durable type of foam which is widely used in the making of furniture and furniture accessories. it has a wide usage due to its durability and because it can take different shapes. There are different kinds of memory foam which have different properties which can be beneficial in the making of a mattress. You mattresses are made with one or more than one type of memory foam. This is the foam that gives your mattress support and structure. It is durable than other foam and has amazing properties such as hypoallergenic, heat dispersing and pressure releasing. It has the ability to retain its original shape despite applying pressure and weight.

What Is Spring Mattress?

Although spring mattresses are widely used in the market, memory foam mattresses have found a wide usage in the market. It is ideal for people who have backaches and  neck pain. Although a bit on the expensive side, these type of mattresses provide the kind of comfort that a person needs for a better sleep.

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