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Our Twin Mattress Picks for a Platform Bed

Just moved in ? Just relocated ?  Or purchasing a new mattress ? We will be answering all your mattress related queries in this article.

There are 3 major types of mattresses in the market. Foam based, spring based and hybrid (foam and spring mattress). Spring mattresses are more widely used in the market as they are cheaper and have many benefits for their users. The spring mattresses consist of metal coils and are lined with foam or cotton to make it soft and suitable for sleeping. But in the recent times, a new material known as visco elastic or memory foam has been made and is widely used in the furniture industry. This foam is durable, provides pressure relief, comfort, stability and has other properties which makes it suitable for use in the mattress industry. The hybrid mattresses consist of a spring filling as well as a foam layer for extra support. These are the 3 major kinds of mattresses you may find in the market.

Apart from this, they come with different types of covers ie, cotton, poly jacquard, latex, waterproof etc. The right ones for sleeping are those which are soft on the top yet heat dispersing. Read till the end to know more about mattresses and also wait till the end for a bonus tip.

Here are some of the mattresses we have picked after doing a research –

Olee Sleep – 9 inch skyline, tight top, innerspring hybrid mattress (twin)
Olee Sleep – 8 inch memory foam mattress (twin)
Fortnight Bedding – 6 inch water resistant Vinyl Cover
PrimaSleep – 10 inch wave gel infused foam mattress (twin)
LinenSpa – 5 inch gel memory foam mattress (twin)
Olee Sleep -6 inch ventilated, multilayered memory foam mattress (twin)

Olee Sleep Hybrid Twin Mattress for Platform Bed – for heavier people

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like it

  • Hybrid structure.
  • Designed to fit all requirements of a good mattress.
  • Good quality and good brand.

The hybrid twin mattress is suitable for people who are not petite and are on the heavier side as foam mattresses can bear only a certain limit of weight. The hybrid construction gives it strength for better support and makes it more durable. It is 9 inches in height. So if you are heavy and would still like to sleep on a memory foam mattress, this is a good option for you. The hybrid structure avoids the sinking feeling that you get when you lay on regular foam mattress due to the coils and also the foam provides the extra softness that a regular spring mattress does not. Particularly this mattress is a good pick due to its lonetivity as it uses good quality foam for it base.

Olee Sleep Foam Twin Mattress for Platform Bed – for children and teen-agers

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like it

  • It has an attractive blue colour attached to it.
  • The foam structure makes it more comfortable.
  • it does not cause any kind of body pain

This mattress has 3 different layers of foam along with a soft and attractive outer cover. It is light weight and can easily fit on a platform bed. The mattress is designed to provide air circulation, heat dispersion and pressure relief from the mattress. It is also comfortable to sleep on and provides good support for your back. Some of the foam mattresses can be harmful to your skin as they are chemically made but Olee Sleep is CertiPUR-US Certified and is hypoallergenic. It does not cause any irritation to your skin, is odourless and does not cause any aches in your body.

Fortnight Bedding Foam Twin Mattress for Platform Bed – for the traveler and bag packer

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like it

  • It is attractive and has water resistant vinyl cover.
  • Foam mattress which is portable.
  • Great for camping

This mattress is a memory foam mattress with a gel infusion layer. It Is foldable and convenient to carry. Light weight and water resistant. Suitable for camping and also easily washable. It can also be used at home on a platform bed. It is made of memory foam at the bottom which provides support and keeps the mattress in shape. It has a layer of gel infused foam on top which keeps the mattress cool.

PrimaSleep Foam Twin Mattress for Platform Bed – For low rise beds

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like it

  • It is a great pick for people who like high rise bed.
  • High rise beds generally enhance the ambience of your bedroom.

It is a 10 inch twin mattress. It is suitable if you want to add height to your low rise bed or generally like to sleep on high rise mattresses. It has multiple layers to provide firmness and support. It is again a very good option which caters to all the needs. It is layered with a dense foam at the bottom. convoluted foam in the middle for ventilation and a gel layer on top which keeps it cool. It has another layer of dense foam top of the convoluted later which again provides support and keeps the mattress in shape.

LinenSpa Foam Twin Mattress for Platform Bed – The affordable one

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like it

  • Really affordable.
  • Good quality in a low price.
  • Low rise beds are generally good for you back.

This is a really simple 5 inch foam mattress which caters to all your needs. It is priced at $94.00 ap-prox which is a great deal. if you are a student or a working person looking for a cheap and afforda-ble good quality mattress, go for this. It is generally good to sleep on a low – medium rise mattress as they provide good support to your back and has health benefits as well.

OleeSleep Foam Twin Mattress for Platform bed- the Ideal One

memory foam contour pillow

Why We Like it

  • All in one mattress.
  • Ideal height and layers for better sleep

This is a great pick as it has all the benefits in one mattress. It is not too high and not too low. It is multilayered with 3 different kind of foams which provide different benefits. It uses memory foam. It is not very expensive. It is produced by a good mattress producing brand.

Pro Tip to buy your next mattress

Get a normal spring, foam or hybrid mattress and add a beautiful topper which offers comfort and other benefits. The normal mattresses come with limited utility, but getting a nice topper can really enhance you bedding. In terms of aesthetic value as well as comfort and enhancing your sleep. The toppers are made in really good material and are available in organic materials as well. It is multi purpose and can be used as per need.

Thanks for reading. This is the end to this article. We hope you enjoyed reading and are able to pick the best twin mattress for yourself.

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