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5 Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use?

Air mattresses better known as air beds also famous for their recreational purposes such as water toy and camping amenity is nowadays gaining everyone’s attention due to their acclaimed medical benefits. As knowledge is becoming easily accessible for everyone due to the internet more and more people are searching for the best air mattresses for everyday use.

If you are looking for the best air mattress for everyday use then this article will give you a depth comparison of different air beds in the affordable range of $50 – $100 dollars. We have featured five best buy air-filled beds which are recommended by amazon’s trusted buyers.

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Intex dura-beam deluxe comfort plush elevated airbed

Intex dura-beam series pillow rest raised airbed

Intex dura-beam series essential rest airbed

These portable devices are making life easy for those who live in a hall and have their kitchen and bedroom and living place all in one room. The device is not only for everyday use but it is a fun element for your pool parties and camping. Why sleep on bare earth when you can use your takeaway queen bed which can give you homely comfort in the forests.

Why air mattresses are getting famous?

The other reason for the increasing use of these floating beds is that they are compact can be inflated and stored in small space if needed or you can say if you do not need a bed at any instance. They give you the freedom to use your space in your own interest.

Back boon

Their medical benefits are also in the limelight which states that they are a boon to the bed-ridden people and considerably eliminates the chances of bed ulcers which is a common problem in patients who spend time in bed and are unable to move. If you also know someone who is going through this problem then you have to check out our list of best air mattress for everyday use.

Also, the changing lifestyle and constantly sitting jobs are basically guaranteed for numerous back problems. But the air beds are there too on your back and I mean they will actually help you to keep your spine fit. The air-filled mattress can flow with the shape of your bones and spine and adjust itself according to them, unlike traditional mattresses which manipulate your body’s alignment.

Size matters

As these bouncy beds can be used in many ways so these are available in all sizes. You can find the best air mattress in queen size, king-size, or even for camping.

The manufactures of air-filled mattresses are having a keen eye on the needs of consumers and always make the best air mattresses for everyday use in desired sizes.

And if you are looking to buy one so here is your guide to the best products in your budget.

Intex dura-beam deluxe comfort plush elevated airbed

I am keeping this model at no 1 due to its popularity and people’s opinion about it. In a highly competitive market this air mattresses in holding an average rating of 4.5 stars from more than 42,000 happy customers. This makes it definitely the best air mattress for everyday use.

The bed rises to 22 inches in only quarter-four minutes.
Also, to keep the soul of its most favorite feature portability it comes with an easy-to-carry bag so, that you can keep it with great care when not in use. With the price of only $65 dollars, you cannot find any other value for money products than this.

Intex dura-beam series pillow rest raised airbed

The second product recommended is again from the same brand “Intex”. This time it is rated by around 13,000 trusted customers of Amazon making it a considerable choice. The bed comes in queen and a twin both sizes and costs you only $40 for queen size and $30 for a twin bed.

One of my favorite features is the built-in pump for easy inflation and deflation means no hassle. The bed is of medium-rise with a height of only 16.5 inches. One of the best things about the brand is it gives you value for money. The bed is not only affordable but also durable and comes with an inbuilt electric pump.

Intex dura-beam series essential rest airbed

Intex is killing the game with its unmatched quality and customer service. The first three ranks for the best air mattress for everyday use is all in its goal. The third best-rated floating bed is also from the brand Intex making it a trustable organization if you are going to buy an air mattress from them.
This bed is 18-inch high when inflated with the velvety touch sleeping surface to make your dreams even cozy. This bed is special for its extra stability that is the result of ring constructions at the bottom. Like all other designs of portable air beds, this also has an inbuilt pump making its use super easy, and this for only $ 59 dollars.

Active era air mattress

The number four in my list is the bed with two variants luxury for $99 and premium for $79 from the house of Active Era. According to the brand, this is their most advanced range in terms of technology. Both the luxury and premium beds are queen beds.

The beds come with an internal built supporting structure making it as tough as regular bet the feel of sleeping in air. It rises to 18 inches within 3 minutes. Also, Active Era takes into consideration one of the biggest problems that all inflated devices face. It is made up of punctured resistant material making it more durable as compared to any other air-filled bed.

Sable air mattresses queen size inflatable air bed

Number five of my list is Sable Air Mattress if you like fancy things. This bed is very unique in terms of aesthetics, its design is quite unique from the other air mattress. It is the best to air mattress for everyday use with an integrated pillow design which makes it standouts from the other products on the list.

With a cost of only $76, it comes with a brand warranty of 12 months. Moreover, it is a seamless product made with intricate welding which prevents air leak from any place. Also, it inflates or deflates in about 3-5 minutes making it easier to use.

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