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6 Cheap King Size Mattress Available In the Market

Before picking a mattress, we need to understand the difference between a good and a bad mattress. A good mattress is one which –

  • Provides Comfort – A good mattress provides comfort while you sleep. It enables you to have a sound sleep without tossing and turning in your bed.
  • Provides support to your back – Humans sleep for about 7-10 hrs everyday during which it is necessary that your back gets the right kind of support.
  • Cooling – We as humans tend to emit heat from our body which gets accumulated on the bed. It is necessary that the mattress should have cooling properties in order to keep us cool.
  • Hypoallergenic – Our mattresses should be hypoallergenic which means that it should not cause allergies to our skin.
  • Clean and hygienic – The mattresses on a daily basis tend to trap dust and mites which must be cleaned on a daily basis. The mattress should be clean in itself to avoid and kind of dust build up.
  • Durable – A mattress should be durable and should be able to support body weight. Investing in a good quality mattress can give you better longevity.
  • Pressure Relief, ventilated and should provide circulation.
  • Non toxic, odourless, self drying. You can even lookout for organic mattresses in the market.

What is a king size mattress ? What are its benefits ?

A king size bed is a really large bed, which can generally accommodate a family. It is advisable for people who need more space while sleeping. It is more flexible and gives you place to move around while sleeping. 2 -3 people can easily sleep on a king size mattress without intruding into one another.

Here are a few good king size mattresses which we found in the market and at very affordable prices. They are all CertiPUR-US certified and assure impeccable quality.

Simplicity at its best – LinenSpa 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Best quality Mattress – PrimaSleep 9 Inch Multilayered Memory Foam King Mattress
Most bouncy mattress – Olee Sleep 12 Inch Hybrid Euro box top spring mattress
Best pick for your master bedroom – LinenSpa 10 inch Innerspring Hybrid King Mattress
Most Comfortable – Amazon Basics Premium Foam Eurotop Mattress
Luxury and Eco Friendly – GJP Thickened Tatami Latex King Mattress

Read further to know more about each of the mattress and why we selected these out for you.

01. LinenSpa 5 Inch King Size Mattress

This mattress is the most basic kind of foam mattress available in the market. It is easy to use . It is foldable and super soft. It does not sink and immediately takes shape after weight is removed. It is self cooling and moulds according to the shape of your body. The dense foam layer at the bottom provides support to the mattress. The mattress is super soft and evenly distributes your body weight through out the mattress. It is made from clean and hygienic material. If simple is your niche, then you should go for this mattress. Perfect for all age groups and even people with back and neck problems. It provides comfort to the stressed areas in your body and deepens your sleep. A must have in your home.

2.  PrimaSleep 9 Inch Multilayered Foam Mattress 

If sleep is your bare necessities and you cannot go a day without day dreaming about your bed then this is the pick for you. Soft foam, cool surface, moulds to the shape of your body and has a high raise. The depth provides extra comfort and lets you sink into the mattress. All the layers are made of memory foam which means that it is durable and safe to use. It is clean, hygienic and odourless. It has a ventilation layers which allows air circulation. Generally a foam mattress with more depth required ventilation due to the dense foam through which air cannot circulate. This problem is taken care of due to the convoluted foam layer. You  can now have a undisturbed sleep without worrying about your body aches.

3. OleeSleep 12 inch Hybrid King Mattress

If you are all about aesthetics and interior decor, this is the best pick for you. Stable, sturdy mattress with a dense core and a soft surface to give your body the special that it needs. The high density and spring coils make the bed more bouncy for you to sleep in. The bed is cozy but requires some maintenance as it may trap some dust. With regular cleaning and dusting this mattress is a stand out from the rest.

4. LinenSpa 10 Inch Hybrid King Mattress

With a hybrid structure it may accommodate all kinds of people. Also medium height makes it advisable for regular use. This is a cheap king size mattress available which has all the characteristics that a good mattress should have. The spring coils make it strong to support even heavy sleepers. It is large and more flexible. Good to accommodate more than 2 people as well due to the hybrid construction.

5. Amazon Basics Premium Foam Eurotop King mattress

This foam mattress is layered with two dense and convoluted foam layers for support and ventilation. Ventilation helps in keeping the insides of the mattress dry. We as humans tend to secrete water or sweat while sleeping which is retained in the mattress and can cause moisture formation in the mattress making it limp and stale for use. The extra ventilation keeps the mattress naturally dry and releases all the toxins that may have accumulated. The top layer if cover with aloe vera infused fabric which is cooling in nature. Aloe vera is good for the skin and antibacterial in nature, which makes it safe for the skin and really mild. Few mattresses may cause rashes and itching on your skin, this soft quilted fabric looks after your skin.

6. GJP Thickened Tatami Latex King Mattress

Here we may learn the benefits of using latex in your mattress first. It is a myth that latex may make you sweat or may be a toxic substance. In fact , latex is natural and eco friendly. It cradles your body. It is naturally fire resistant. It uses less chemicals as compared to foam. It is cooling and does not make you sweat. Gentle on your skin, nice to touch, foldable mattress.

These were the different mattresses we picked out based on type and brand. These are also affordable picks. You can find a few better ones which are bit highly priced, but these mattresses have the best to offer even at a low cost. You may find similar to these in the market. Make sure you are well informed before you invest in one.

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