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Sleep Deep, Dream Well with Serta: Top Serta Air Mattress Reviews

If you have a good mattress, you sleep deep and wake up as fresh as a flower, and bounce off the bed energetic. Now visualize the reverse: a rough mattress, you twisting and tossing the whole night, and developing dark circles. The whole day is moody and tiresome.

You suffer from extremely low energy levels and are about to drop off in the middle of the day. If you read Serta So, it is obvious you will choose the first option – of a good mattress after reading Serta Air Mattress Reviews.

Experts have stated that sleep is extremely important for good health and a good mattress determines your wellness – both physical and mental. An individual requires a minimum eight hours of sleep for the body to repair and recover itself. They say your blood vessels and heart are the most affected if you do not sleep well.

Sleep vs good immune system

A good sleep ensures your immune system and memory remain boosted, making sure you are efficient for a larger part of the day. A better sleep ensures you are in a good mood as well, for the whole day.

One of the added perks for the weight conscious are lesser weight gain. So that is why waking up fresh must be everyone’s top priority. Considering that we need a sound sleep each night, we need a good mattress too. Our Serta Air Mattress Reviews will help you choose the best air mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Most of us suffer from spine and back aches thanks to our working posture and even sleeping postures too. More often than not, we develop back aches while sleeping because of uncomfortable and rough mattresses. These don’t allow the body to rest comfortably because of the texture, unnatural gaps that make the body sink, leaving one with a sore back.

Air mattresses vs normal mattress

An air mattress is considered the best for a good sleep. A good air mattress means a good pump that ensures quick inflation as well as deflation of the mattress.

If we add soundless/minimal pumping sound, it is a brownie point for the mattress as well. Serta Air Mattress Reviews will guide you to buy the best air mattresses.

But why choose an air mattress over a normal one? Here are a few reasons cited by our experts:

  • Provides good support for the whole body, especially the spine
  • A soft top ensures comfort while sleeping
  • Long lasting (vis a vis normal mattress)
  • Multiple air chambers inside to prevent deflation
  • Soundless air mattress pumps (internal/external)
  • Easily portable (weight and dimensions vary with different brands of air mattresses)

Air mattresses have a great quality to redistribute pressure in the whole body. They help create low air pressure zones, providing a larger surface area for the person to ensure he/she sleeps well. These are best suited to elderly, bedridden patients and those with a sedentary lifestyle where the body is stiff and stuck in one posture all the time. It lends relief by reducing pressure on the spine and back areas.

If you have all of the above in the mattress you choose, it is the perfect buy and Serta Air Mattress has all the above in it!

Go outdoors with Serta

The Serta Air mattresses are suitable for the outdoors as well as indoors. An extremely long-lasting mattress, it is perfect for camping outdoors thanks to its water-resistant quality. It fits well into the carry bag provided and one can even fit a pillow inside. Happy customers read the Serta Air Mattress Reviews and made their best buy.

The mattress has 35 in-built round coils, which provide the most comfortable posture to sleep. As far as weight of the mattress is concerned, it is light built and can be transported easily.

If you live in an apartment, have an office at home or in smaller spaces, this one will be the best buy as it is compact and can be stowed away easily in bags provided during purchase. The top of the mattress is soft, yet covers the mattress well.

The overall dimensions of the mattress are 74 x 39 x 18 inches. The height of the mattress is 20 inches, ensuring you can get on and off the bed easily (especially good for tall people).

Never flat pump

The mattress has two electric pumps – primary and secondary. The former help inflate/deflate the mattress in a short time and soundlessly. The electric pump has settings that control the levels of firmness one wants in the mattress – plush, medium and firm.

The Never Flat pump has an auto off feature, which makes sure the mattress stops inflating when it reaches maximum pressure and zero heating too. It ensures you are stress free if you leave the pump on the mattress to inflate for a long time. Top Serta Air Mattress Reviews show that this customization has been a brownie point of the Serta Raised Queen mattress. The mattress also comes with a washable pillow cover.

Another unique selling point of the raised air mattress is that it never goes flat. It means the mattress doesn’t deflate or sag because of body weight. It does not get affected by heat or cause any kind of air leakage too.

The product has a warranty period up to two years and an excellent customer service. Overall, the best buy for everyone – travelers to those staying at home. The mattress is available in Queen as well as Twin dimensions. While the Queen style is made of PVC, its twin variant are manufactured in synthetic material.

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Great value for money

The air mattresses from Serta have been highly recommended and rated by customers in Serta Air Mattress Reviews. Every penny is worth spending despite a higher pricing – a great value for money because of the following unique selling points:

  • Help in redistributing body pressure
  • Easily inflatable
  • Compact (can fit into smallest spaces)
  • Water-proof and puncture-proof
  • Easy-to-assemble feature
  • Comfortable to sleep
  • High quality materials used for manufacturing
  • Long lasting
  • Long warranty period
  • Quick and efficient customer service
  • Weight limit (human weight) is 500 pounds

Top-rated Serta air mattresses

Based on Serta Air Mattress Reviews, you can choose the best air mattresses from Serta’s best collection listed below:

Serta Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Serta Raised Queen Pillow Top Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Serta Bed Raised Queen Size Airbed Internal AC Pump – 16

Serta NeverFlat Airbed – Queen

Serta’s air beds have been manufactured and designed scientifically to ensure the best sleep for its customers. Its happy customers are those with families who love hosting parties, reunions, camping and for daily use.
So, what are you waiting for? Make Serta Air Mattress your new normal and sleep well!

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